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We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 2: Shooters

Great podcast guys ! Loved how you go in depth in the gameplay mechanics, it feels like you really took the time to analyze the games. Thanks for trying Panic on Layer 1, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game :) I'll definiteky check your other episodes !




Climbing my way up the leaderboards ;)

Absolutely love this.  Wasn't expecting to play a random game for 6 hours.  Honestly, if you worked on some of the textures and added some more to the campaign, I could totally picture this being a console game that people would pay for.  Unfortunately I'm broke right now but if I could donate I would, excited to see the future of this game.  Will likely be uploading videos of me trying to get the highest score possible.


Colony 10 and an infinite mode score over 1000 👌


Damn dude the highscore is getting pretty serious ! Congratulations to you and big thanks for your good words, I'm verry happy that you liked the game :)

Time for me to work on beating your score... Waiting for your videos to see if we share the same techniques !


First video of several :)

Panic On Layer 1's all time highscore has just been beaten and goes from 343 to 458. Latest colony annihilated is now Colony 9. Contratulations to Bowtrix & Mr.Bell !


I had a lot of fun playing this game.  To start with the controls where a little strange, but once I got used to them it wasn't bad.  The music is great and energizing!  The gameplay is fast and fluid and the potato men are cute and scary.  Good job, and thanks for sending me this game!


Great playthrough, thanks for trying the game ! And congratulations for making it to Colony 7 :)



Cara, gostei muito do seu jogo, foi tão viciante para mim que quando percebi que estava jogando há quase três horas kkk, as explosões e o modo como o cenário é destruído são ótimos. Tudo de bom para você mano, vou tentar um novo recorde.

ahah very good video man thank you for trying the game ! Loved the 4:32 moment :)

Hey Fleacoco! Are you interested in having this game used for student purposes? We run an online sound design program and our students would love to contribute their sound design to this! If it interests you, we could maybe work out something where you can update the game with their audio contributions if you like how it sounds. Is there a good way to get in touch with you? Would love to talk more on Discord or some form of DM online if you're interested in something like this. Keep up the good work! Really great stuff

Hi Ryan ! That sounds like a nice idea. We would need to talk a little bit in order to set how we could work though. You can reach me on Discord : fleacoco#4639

Great :) I just added you there! Look out for stunkel#9715


Funny Gameplay. No story behind, am i wrong?

There's a small background story which you can read from the menu :)


This is a fun game. I really like it so much. Nice work on it. 

Great playthrough man ! You went pretty far in the game, it was good fun to see you playing even if it was so sad when you falled off the map :)

Thanks for playing !

Also I saw that the game could not reach the leaderbords database... did you have internet off or is that a bug ?


Thank you for watching my video of me suffering. I played it without the internet.


I definitely love graphics! Reminds me of Super Hot and Project BlockchainZ, 'cause of the minimalist aesthetic. Shooting feels cool, and that's the best for me. Keep working, devs!


Thanks for trying the game !


np! Wanna see more about it!


Infinite mode playthrough !

2nd update of Panic On Layer 1 is now out !

  • Brand new infinite mode (unlocked from Colony 5)
    • Random weapon spawning
    • Enemies drop loot when dying
    • Increasing difficulty
  • Online leaderboards to highlight greatest performances (max colony reached & infinite mode highscore)
  • Difficulty reduced in campaign mode (number of enemies, ammo & health loot appearing if the player is in difficulty)
  • Tutorial explanations added
  • Enemy navigation improved
  • Double jump system improved
  • Crosshair size reduced
  • Fixed bug with music playing at wrong times
  • Fixed minor bugs (player not appearing at the right orientation at new colony / too many SFX playing when enemies destroy obstacles / loot falling off the map)

Nice little game. We gave it a go.

A note for other Youtubers: turn off the music,you will get a copyright claim!

Thanks for trying the game !


Waaaaaay better with reduced recoil!

Very nice video  thanks for giving the game a go! I see you made a fair amount of money, sounds like you did great :)


Pretty cool game, once I remapped the controls it all handled well.  Sometimes it felt like ammo crates weren't appearing at all, which I had to opt out and just restart sometimes because of it.  I like the different mechanics, adding a jetpack, grenades, etc.  It would be nice to have those from the beginning, just because the game is hard, so it's hard just to get to those mechanics, and I'm sure I haven't even seen them all.  But this was fun, thanks for contacting me!

This is a great playthrough, thank you for trying ! Love the thumbnail too :) Quick tip, you can climb obstacles by double jumping in order to get the crates falling on top of them. Cheers!

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First update for "Panic On Layer 1" has just been released !

- Weapon recoil slightly decreased

- Player speed increased

- Added hidden secrets & clues

- Added new tracks & button to change music

- Added confirmation for respawning at current colony

- Buying a new weapon now grant some ammo

- Fixed screen updating when buying items

- Fixed bugs related to volume control & reload sound

- Minor UI changes

Many thanks to all the people who provided feedback that let me improve the game. I'd be glad to have new feedback regarding bug reports & ideas for gameplay improvement.

Hey! Nice job, it looks interesting but a bug kept me from having a enjoyable experience.

-The Horizontal negative(-) axis and Vertical negative(-) axis default to 'q' and 'z' and don't update in-game if you change them from the configuration dialog.

Also, that footstep sound is annoying :p


Hi ! Thank you for trying the game. 

Did you try modifying the inputs in the "Controls" section inside the game menu, rather than in the start window ? This should normally work - please let me know.

Also I'll do something about the footsteps :)

Completely missed the 'Controls' button! xD I thought if the configuration dialog wasn't fixing the problem, it must've been a bug. It's working now!