4 months after it came out, I'm glad to see that highscores keep falling on Panic O n Layer 1.

Leaderboards is a feature I implemented quite easily using dreamlo : http://dreamlo.com/. I'd highly recommend it for anyone who wants to throw a little bit of competition in its single player game, or simply for anyone who likes to follow how far people are getting in their game once downloaded.

Max colonies annihilated :

- 2 people completed Colony 10 : EmoTrashBoy & JohnE

- 3 people completed Colony 9 : Mr.Bell, Gamogam & Peepeepoopoo

As for the infinite mode scores are quite disparate :

#1 - mleko1792two - 2808

#2 - EmoTrashBoy - 1143

#3 - Fleacoco - 753

Congrats and keep it on !

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