A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Creepy fast-paced top-down shooter with teddybears, dynamite and techno music.

Face up waves of zombified enemies and try to survive as long as you can ! The game is a brutal and skill-demanding version of Unity's survival shooter. 

  • Repel ennemies with the help of furious weapons and powerups
  • Drop dynamite to create huge chain explosions
  • Use your teleportation ability wisely in order to surprise enemies
  • Get in the mood for slaughter with several hypnotic techno tracks

Install instructions

Unzip folder and launch "Profanateurs.exe".


Profanators download folder for Windows 161 MB
Profanators download folder for Mac 166 MB


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Deleted 286 days ago

hi, you can rebind A & W keys when starting the game (same time when you select resolution and graphics quality)

Also, you need to shoot dynamite for it to explode

Isn't this the survival shooter tutorial for Unity?

yes as stated in the description it is an upgraded version

Ah, missed that, my bad!

no worries :)